Applets are dead!

It seems Java will never run again in browsers. This page remains up only for historical reasons.

Enter the puzzle data into the text field, then click on the first button ‘Start’. The applet will try to read in the puzzle data, and start solving it in a separate window. Any errors or warnings it encounters are displayed in the lower text area. The second button, ‘Clear’, clears both text fields. The third button, ‘Stop’, button stops all puzzles being solved in windows.

A puzzle is specified as a text file in a particular format. If you try to supply a puzzle in a different format, or something other than a Nonogram puzzle, you're unlikely to get a solution.

Some less important parts of the puzzle format are not supported. Simply delete the troublesome lines. The (admittedly cryptic) error messages indicate which line is causing trouble.

This solver does not do any bifurcation! That means it won't be able to complete puzzles with ambiguities, which includes puzzles with multiple solutions, like Flower.


Unfortunately, your browser does not support Java applets through the <APPLET> and <OBJECT> elements of HTML, either because it is not capable, or because it is not currently configured to do so.

Perhaps you'd like to try the CGI-based on-line solver instead, if you haven't already…?

The applet was written to use Java 1.5, but may work with earlier versions. It also uses Swing. If you discover something about its limitations in this respect, please let me know, so that I can make others aware.

Several locales (languages and their regional variations) are supported:

If you want to add your own, or improve upon some of the existing Google translations, please let me know.

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